Home Selling Fears – Will My Listing Sell and Can My Buyers Get a Loan

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One of the biggest fears that my Sellers express is that loans are not available. They hear on the news that loans are hard to get. This is definitely not the case.

This year I have experienced only about 10-15% of purchase and sale contracts fall out due to inability to obtain financing. Some are due to the lenders rules changing in mid stream and some are just because the buyer makes a unwise move and doesn’t pay a bill on time or runs up abnormal charges on their credit card.

What I do find is, most prequalified or preapproved buyers who are properly coached by the mortgage broker and their real estate agent make wise decisions about credit during the contract to close period and are successful in getting the loan and making the purchase.

We have seen a few close calls where the good faith estimate was off a little and the buyers cash on hand got tight and has almost stop a deal. Fortunately these have ended up working out with changes in closing dates and flexibility on everyone part.

There are plenty of lenders out there lending money to buy a home so don’t let that hold you up on listing your home for sale. Now is the best time to list your home and get it sold.

We have helped hundreds of people with real estate transactions; we can help you as well. Contact us at 404-886-8789 to see how we can get your home sold or find you the home of your dreams.

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