Things to Look for When Buying a Home

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When you are buying a home, you may look for several features, such as a charming neighborhood, great curb appeal, or spacious rooms. However, there are several other factors you should consider when buying a home, to make sure that you and your family will be happy with your investment for years to come.

First, you should look at the exterior of the property, including the siding and the roof. Does the siding look worn, or in need of paint or repairs? Are the roof shingles securely fastened? Do you notice any sagging in the home’s roof? These items can represent major repair expenses, so you will want to look closely at them to make sure that you will not have to spend thousands of dollars in maintenance costs after you move in.

Second, you should look at the condition of appliances and mechanicals. Are the refrigerator, garbage disposal, plumbing fixtures, and furnace in good working order? Also, have these items been recently updated, or does the house come with older models that may need to be replaced within a few years?

Third, pay close attention to the ceilings, particularly on the top floor. Discolored, cracked, or sagging ceilings may indicate that the roof has leaked – again, representing a major repair expense. Cracks in the ceiling or walls may also indicate structural problems with the home, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to remedy.

Finally, take a look at the neighborhood surrounding your home. Have the neighbors kept their homes’ exteriors updated? Are lawns and landscaping properly maintained? Do the neighbors feel comfortable letting children play outside? The condition of your neighborhood can be an indicator of whether your home will increase in value.

If you have doubts about the features of your home or the condition of your neighborhood, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced real estate agent, who can help you determine if a particular home is a worthwhile investment.

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