When Buying a Home in Gwinnett – What You Can Expect from Your Agent.

As your Buyer Representative we will:

  • We will represent your best interests.
  • We will meet with you to review all your needs and provide you with relevant information to help you determine what houses best suits your needs.
  • We will use the information that we discussed to narrow down all the possibilities to those that meet your specifications.
  • We will provide you with reputable lenders with competitive rates who will work with you to establish your credit and financial criteria to insure that you can afford and purchase your dream home once we find it.
  • We establish a timeframe for purchase to make sure that you housing requirements are met.
  • We will keep all personal information confidential.
  • We will establish our commitment to you in writing through a Buyers Brokerage Agreement that will allow us to represent your interests.
  • We will find all available homes that meet your criteria including those that are outside of the Multiple Listing Services (MLS).
  • We will help you evaluate the properties to help you make your decision on which one to write an offer.
  • We will prepare a competitive market analysis of your selected properties to assist you in making the most favorable offer.
  • We will thoroughly explain the Purchase and Sale Agreement so that you have a clear understanding of your obligations and the sellers obligations, review the timing & requirements of the due diligence period, and assist with any special stipulations that will most benefit you.
  • We will recommend that you hire a competent home inspector to evaluate the physical structure of the home.
  • We will provide you with a list of recommended vendors to assist you with each step of the process including – attorneys, home inspectors, home warranty providers, title companies, repair services, moving services, etc.
  • We will help you by reminding you of the critical dates of action items to make sure that the contract is moving forward.
  • We will follow up with your lender to make sure that everything is proceeding as planned and confirm with you the funds required for your home purchase.
  • We will set up a final walk through of the property right before closing to make sure that the home is in the correct condition before closing.
  • We will attend the closing with you to make sure that you are represented in case there is an issue at the closing table.

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