What to Know Before Buying an Under-Deck System

It’s the time of year when we all like to be outside to enjoy the beautiful blooming flowers we planted last month and soak up some rays on our patio.  You may have been dreaming of having an under-deck system installed so you can get full use of that lower patio.  If so, then follow these tips for understanding the system and knowing what to ask of your installer.

  • Understand how the system works.
  • Make sure the system is designed from the ground up to be an under-deck ceiling.
  • Avoid adapted roofing material, soffit panels or plastic sheet goods.
  • Is there pitch to the gutter?  The gutters must slope for effectiev drainage.
  • Is there built-in obstruction to the water flow such as fan mounts or support brackets?
  • Does the system adjust to accommodate a possible sag in the deck floor above?
  • Can a particular panel be removed without disturbing adjacent panels?
  • Is the system 100% aluminum?  Steel systems may rust at the cut edges.  Vinyl systems may become brittle and distort with age and are derived from petroleum.
  • See the system installed.
  • Know who you’re dealing with.  Are they reputable?  Check out their references.

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