Use Facebook To Sell Your House

If you’re selling your home you may be getting frustrated at the lack of interest because the housing market, while on a rise, is not as good as it once was. It’s understandable to feel frustration when you just need to sell your home and it seems like no one is interested.

But are you using every tool at your disposal to make the selling of your home go more smoothly?  Perhaps you want to sell it on your own rather than utilizing a real estate agent so you can get more money in your pocket rather than paying out a fee.  No matter how you are selling your home, through and agent or on your own, you need to use Facebook as a tool.  You may be thinking that Facebook is only for connecting with people but why not use these people to help get your home sold?

On Facebook you can do the following to help promote the sale of your home:

  • Create a Page – You want to start off by creating a page for your home so you can keep your personal page private.  This page should have a photo of the exterior of the home as its profile picture so potential buyers can see what it looks like.  Use a brief description of the home as the title of the page.  This is where others can communicate with you about the home and where they can ask questions about the house and because the page is public, they can share it with others who may be interested in buying.
  • Photo Albums – You can upload as many pictures as you want to show off the details of the home.  Keep in mind; the photos should have the same qualities as when you are showing your home in person to potential buyers.  Keep everything neutral so they can imagine how the home would look if they were to move in.  You don’t want pictures of a messy house or too many personal items.
  • Post a Video – What better way to show off your house than having a video that walks the potential buyers through the home?  It’s like having an open house that hundreds and even thousands of people can go to without ever stepping foot in your home.  Make sure the video quality is good and take the viewers from room to room just as you would a live person.
  • Link to Realtor Page – If you are using a realty company, make sure you include a link to that page so serious buyers can get in contact with your agent.  This way you don’t have to constantly offer the link when a buyer wants to make an offer.  There are also real estate websites where you can post your home if you are selling it on your own that you can link to.

When you gain more fans to your Facebook page, you can spread the word more easily about your property. This is something that real estate agents already know and are putting into practice but individual home owners can also do the same thing successfully.

If you are getting frustrated because your house is not selling then you need to use Facebook as a tool for selling it.  Just don’t go overboard and spam your friends and associates with posts about your house.  Remember, it is just one tool to use among many that you need to have in place if you want to be successful selling your home.

Lisa Clark loves technology, social media and marketing online. She writes articles to help others learn how to use these tools for their own marketing efforts.

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