Top 5 Advantages For Buying A New Home Instead Of A Used Home

If you are thinking about buying your first home, you might be looking at homes which were previously owned. There are some advantages to buying a new home instead of one which is older. Before you make your final home buying decision you should consider some beneficial points of buying a new house.

Structural Integrity

Homes place a certain degree of stress on the land they occupy. You should be aware of the fact, the longer a home has been standing the more stress it’s structure has accumulated. This can lead to shifting foundations or a weakening of interior beams. Even if you do a walk through of the home, you might not be aware of the indications that point to a weakened structure. A shift in the home could cause interior or exterior pipes to pull apart at the joints, causing them to leak.

Maintenance and Repairs

The maintenance and repairs associated with an older home could cost you more in the long run than what you would pay to own a new home. Most used homes have some degree of repair needed for the roof. When looking at an older home the roof is usually not something you would think about considering. The cost of new roofing materials and labor could cost you more than a thousand dollars. If the home has an interior fireplace, the chimney could also be in need of repair. When not properly repaired, a chimney can lead to other interior damage including having water leak into the home.

Customized Options

A new home allows you to customize the interior spaces the way you want. You can choose to add or remove closets as needed. Your closets can also be designed with built-in features including dressers, shelves and shoe racks. You can customize your kitchen to have an island counter with an additional sink or stove for food preparation. Your master bedroom could be designed to include a bathroom designed with multiple shower heads to create your own personal spa.

Choosing Green Materials

When you decide to have a new home built, you also have the ability to choose the type of materials you want used for your home’s construction. More building contractors are offering home buyers the option to use green materials for their new homes. These materials can include natural stone, wood and even renewable resources for insulation. You also have the added advantage of choosing the way you want your outdoor area landscaped which could also help the environment as well as your utility bills.

Saving Energy

When you choose to have a new home built, you can also choose to have energy saving products installed. These items would include low flow faucets and toilets designed to save water. You can also have door and window frames installed to reduce the passing of air which will lower your utility bills. Your heating and cooling systems can also be designed to run in an efficient manner to conserve energy. Adding a large shade tree to your outdoor area will also help reduce the amount of energy your home uses for heating and cooling.

By choosing good materials for construction and energy saving products you can actually save money on the cost of buying a new home in the long run. It will also not require any repairs for many years.

Benjamin recently bought a new house for him and his family in Long Island. Since he was considering buying a used home, before he bought this one, here are his points of view about differences between buying a new vs used house.

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