Tips To Increase Your Curb Appeal

Visiting a well maintained home is a pleasure in itself and if you are visiting from the point of view of purchasing it, it becomes even more important that it should be appealing. While everyone does some home staging, most people forget that the first view a buyer gets of your home is when he approaches it from the road or side walk and that is when they begin assessing it.

The Front Face

Looking at a shabbily maintained garden and unruley grass with no way to distinguish from the rest of the garden can be greatly off putting. Other big turn offs are typical old style roll up garage doors with dull green paint and mail boxes hanging down are inexpensive fixes that can really bring up the appeal of your property.

Don’t forget to improve the exteriors of the property so that prospective buyers are impressed the moment they step on to the sidewalk leading up to your home.

Edge the Drive – Edging does not cost much. You can do it with loose stones found in your own garden and gives your drive way a sharp yet elegant look.

Light up the walk – Light up the walk to your home and welcome your visitors with warmth and safety even after dark.

Plants and Flowers – Having plants and flowers in your garden makes it look pretty and can add value to your property.

Pots around the Tree – If you have a shady tree which soaks up the moisture from the soil around it, build an edge around the tree with potted plants which grow well in the shade.

Garage door – Add a fresh coat of paint to your garage door in a bright colour to make it less drab and dull.

Post and Mail Box – Don’t ignore your mail box. Repaint it and fit the post firmly into the ground.

Trim and cut – Trim the plants, prune the trees, mow, and rake your lawn regularly. It is better not to have a garden at all than to have a shabbily maintained one.


Polish all the brass on your front door, have your windows cleaned and fix any sagging roof edges. Get rid of all the mold and mildew in your front yard or garden. Make the front of your home look smart, sharp and elegant.

The backyard

Most of the unwanted or unused stuff from the house goes to the backyard or the shed. Don’t just let it lie there. Clean up the back yard and the shed and get rid of any stuff that you have not looked at or used for the past one year. You will have to get rid of it anyway when you move so do it right now and increase the appeal your well kept home will have to the buyers.


Last but not the least; you can consider hiring professionals to landscape your yard so that you can get a good price for your property.

Matthew Vinson is freelance writer for, professional blogger and a real estate insider. He is from Toronto area and loves living in the New York City of Canada.

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