The Difference Between Industrial Property And Commercial Property

Most people think of industrial property as being only big building such as warehouses or factories. However, there is much more to learn about Industrial property than what kind of buildings they consist of.

Some of these industrial buildings include:

  •  Factory-office multiuse properties
  •  Factory- warehouse multiuse properties
  •  Heavy manufacturing buildings
  •  Industrial parks
  •  Light manufacturing buildings
  •  Research and development parks

The Difference between Industrial Property and Commercial Property

Industrial property and industrial real estate are the reasons our big cities are the way they are today. Businesses keep opening bigger, newer buildings that attract people! Everyone wants top-dollar for their belongings, so they are doing whatever it takes to protect their goods. Most people invest their money into stock markets or large banks to keep it safe, however, what if the industrial real estate market crashed. Billions of people would be in a lot of trouble, probably lose almost everything they own!

They would lose:

  •  Their money
  •  Their homes
  •  Their investments
  •  Their lifestyle
  •  Their food- it would be a disaster!

Industrial property consists of all the buildings we need and use every day without thinking about it. If it never existed, it is hard saying what our world would be like, but if we did not have it, we would not have storage facilities, factories, food plants, warehouses; our world would be change forever.

Commercial property and real estate is somewhat the same as industrial property and real estate. Commercial properties are:

  •  Convenient stores such as the dollar store
  •  Gas stations
  •  Restaurants
  •  Grocery stores

Can you imagine what would happen if the commercial property real estate market crashed? Most people rely on gasoline to get from point A, to point B. If the market crashed, we would not have gasoline! Some people are not able to walk long distances; some people are not able to walk at all! I personally think we do not NEED restaurants, however grocery stores are important. That is where everyone goes to get his or her food. If there is not any stores that keep it fresh for us, we would have to grow it ourselves and live like people did in the old days. I do not think this century of people can handle living like that. There would not be any medicine or antibiotics either! It would be devastating.

To be able to build a commercial property building, the builder must follow the cities regulations; there are always regulations when a building something, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial. The cities government has to decide on if the buildings’ placement is approvable, by using the zoning system. The zoning system regulates the use of property within the jurisdiction. The zones are clearly marked on any map for the cities government to see before accepting and building applications.

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