Homes for Sale Gwinnett – What Zillow Won’t Tell You

As agents working with both buyers & seller, we always get the question – what is this home worth? In today’s market this probably is the “million dollar question”. With foreclosures, short sales, and bank owned homes, determining market value is a challenge.

With the number of increasing free web tools like Zillow & Trulia, buyers that are looking at homes for sale in Gwinnett county and other counties nearby, there is a lot of information. However, upon analysis, some of the information is flawed and inaccurate. While we, as agents, do look at those tools to get a picture of the surrounding market, we do so much more to get a true picture of home valuation.

So why can’t we rely on these free tools? A lot of the information that they give is outdated and some sales are not even recorded via traditional means. The market is changing very fast. When we meet with sellers or buyers, we take the time to fully research all the data to accurately determine market value. Some of the data that we use is not available to the general public. So to have the latest information whether buying or selling, you need to feel comfortable with the data to make sure that you are not leaving money on the table nor overpaying for a home.

As a seller, you need to understand how to price your home fairly and to make sure your home attracts the best buyers to see your home. Without viewings, you will never sell your home. If you are over-priced, buyers will overlook your home in favor of other comparable homes that are a better value. All the marketing in the world cannot overcome inflated value.

As a buyer, you want to make sure that your offer is well thought out so that you have the best opportunity to secure your dream home, but not overpay. A good buyer’s agent can help you research and then craft a strong offer to get you the best price. Making a compelling logical offer will appeal to the seller and therefore provide you a better chance to secure the home.

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The Importance of Marketing When Selling Your Home in Gwinnett

Beyond the expensive car or fancy clothing, a good Listing Agent in Gwinnett  lives and dies by marketing. Marketing sells homes. Ask to review a complete copy of the Agent’s marketing plan. Precisely, what is the Agent going to do to sell your home?

When you need to sell your home, you need a REALTOR® who can act quickly to the ever changing marketplace. If you are interviewing agents, here is the bare-bones minimum you should expect:

  • Professional signage, including agent’s cell phone number.
  • Lockbox accessible by Agents
  • Daily electronic monitoring of lockbox access
  • Follow-up reports on Buyer showings w/feedback to the Seller
  • Broker previews
  • Incentives for Broker/office previews
  • Staging advice
  • On-line advertising with a major newspaper site
  • MLS exposure with 8 to 12 professional photographs
  • Virtual tour
  • Distribution to major web sites
  • 24-Hour Informational Voice Mail
  • Financing flyers for buyers
  • Minimum of 1 open house, providing its location is a candidate
  • Feedback to Sellers on Buyer calls and home viewings
  • Updated CMAs after 30 days
  • E-mail feeds of new listings that compete
  • Updates on neighborhood facts, trends and recent sales

Remember, no single tactic sells homes. It’s a combination of all those methods that sell homes.

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Characteristics of a Good Listing Agent in Gwinnett, Cobb, North Fulton, and Forsyth

In our vast experience in working with home sellers, the following are some of the characteristics sellers say they need in a Realtor:

  •  Experience – Let new agents learn the business on somebody else’s dime.
  • Education – Ask about degrees and certifications.
  • Honesty – Trust your intuition. Your agent should speak from the heart.
  • Networking – This is a people business. Some homes sell because agents have contacted other agents.
  • Negotiation skills – You want an aggressive negotiator, not somebody out to make a quick sale at your expense.
  • Good communicator – Sellers say communication and availability are key.
  • Finally, ask for a personal guarantee. If the agent won’t guarantee performance and release you from a listing upon request, don’t hire that agent.

At Atlanta Housing Source, we want to be your source for real estate. We can help you understand if now is the right time to sell or if you should wait until the market improves.   Whether you live in Gwinnett, Cobb, North Fulton, or Forsyth, we can provide you with a reasonable estimate of your home’s value over the phone. Of course without actually seeing your home, we will only be able to give you an estimated range.

Should you prefer a more accurate evaluation, we can set up an appointment for one of our Realtor specialists to visit with you and share suggestions about putting your home on the market and provide you with a Competitive Market Evaluation.

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