Sprucing Your Home Up For Spring Buyers

It’s that time of year again when trees start to blossom, the sun starts to shine daily, and we get a sense of starting “anew”.  If you have your home on the market, now is the time to delve into some “spring cleaning” after a long winter.  Take this opportunity to look at your home with fresh eyes, looking for opportunities to lighten and brighten.  Examine each room for small ways to make it ready to greet your buyers.

Start with your front door.  Wash the door and polish the handle.  Consider adding pots of flowers in bright yellow, blues, reds or pinks to flank the door and draw the eye to a welcoming entrance.

  • Remove heavy throws and pillows from your living area.  Keep it simple just by removing them, or replace with lighter fabric options.
  • Consider removing heavy area rugs to expose cooler tile or wood floors.  Use this time of year to have these items cleaned.
  • Lighten up display shelves.  Remove heavy books and replace them with minimal displays of china or glass pieces to catch the light.
  • If you use diffusers and/or candles, change to lighter floral or citrus fragrances for the season.
  • After cleaning out your fireplace, use it to frame a grouping of candles or floral arrangements.  A painted standing screen can block the dark opening of the hearth and give it a completely new look.
  • Do the upholstered seats of your dining chairs look dingy from the holiday gatherings?  Consider recovering them in light, airy tones.  Then find table linens to match.
  • When windows are washed, check the draperies framing them to see if they need to be cleaned.  Or perhaps it’s time for a new look.
  • Giving any room a fresh coat of paint always brightens the mood.  Remember to choose colors that will make the room’s focal points stand out.

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