Should I Take my Home off the Market during the Holidays?

When the end of September rolls around, you might be tempted to exhale a sigh of relief. The kids are back at school, work is back to being routine and it’s time to start thinking about the holidays.

Most people think that they will just be too busy to sell their house during the holidays. Even if you did put your home on the market, you probably think that no one else is interested in buying a home. They’re probably too busy with work, family and holiday obligations too!

In fact, the opposite turns out to be true. Putting your home on the market during the holidays is perfect as many couples take time off at the same time (never an easy feat) during the holidays giving them more time to look at places together. Most agents like the holidays because the buyers have a lot more time to look around at places and mull their options as a couple.

While buying activity may slow down somewhat, the buyers who are actively looking during the holiday seasons are generally more serious about purchasing. Many people shopping for a home in the spring or summer might wait, mulling their options over as different places come on the market. With the end of the year near, buyers begin to look for places that they are more likely to purchase.

Many agents also disagree with the idea that buyers don’t necessary buy during the holiday season. If this were true, the housing market would shut down all the time in favor of other family centric activities such as; graduations, summer vacations and back-to-school activities.

People buy a home for many reasons. Whether they’re looking to upgrade, get more room, or simply need to move for work, they will always be buyers out there for you to pursue. For example, there will always be workers who move because of work. If they find out they’ve gotten a new job in November, most families want to get their kids transferred into the new schools before the January semester begins, thus, giving them a shortened schedule to buy (this sort of scenario makes the buyer very serious about purchasing).

As a staging opportunity, the holidays really can’t be beat. When people are looking to buy a home, they generally want a place they can picture doing things like celebrating the holidays. The holidays give you a unique opportunity to make your place as inviting and comfortable as possible helping to put potential buyers into the mindset of what it would be like to live there. If it looks good enough for your family and friends, it should look good enough for the strangers coming in to tour your home. This gives you an opportunity to show them how easy it is to build memories that last a lifetime there.

In fact, during the holidays, you may find that you’re busier than ever scheduling showings with serious buyers. Work with them as much as possible, but keep the contract on your terms.

Keeping your home on the market during the holidays might seem risky at first, but, as you can see, it’s the perfect opportunity to sell!

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