RELOCATION: Home Benefit Solutions for Corporations

The Atlanta Housing Source works with Corporate HR Managers to provide a bundled package of benefits to assist their employees when purchasing or refinancing their home as well as many other ancillary benefits.

We have a team of professionals that we have brought together to provide the following services to employers (at no cost) and show them how they can save their employees thousands of dollars when they are utilized:

Real Estate Relocation

Mortgage Solutions

Credit Restoration Services

Home Inspector

Closing Attorney

On-Line Shopping

We add new benefit partners regularly

If you are interested in working with us to provide your employees benefits that can actually save them money and time while freeing up your company resources, call Mark Lackey today at 404-886-8789.

We can set up a meeting to further discuss how you can offer this program to your employees in addition to providing excellent educational seminars on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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