Real Estate Agents Explained

One of the most common misconceptions about Real Estate is that if I don’t use a Real Estate Agent, I’ll save money. While I can understand why people may think that, it just hasn’t proved to be the case. Here are the flaws in the thought process.

Sellers-Here are the FACTS

1. When you try to sell your home without representation, most people are going to offer you less since they assume you don’t have to pay a commission. You end up netting the same or less and have to do all the work yourself.

2. Your home doesn’t get the exposure that an Agent provides. This translates into a longer time on the market which increases your holding costs.

3. You either:

a. Overprice your home, which extends your time on the market, increasing hold cost. Then if you are able to find someone (also unrepresented) to buy your house the price-it falls apart at the end due to appraisal issue of financing issue

b. Underprice your home leaving thousands of dollars on the table that an agent could have saved you.

 4. Do you really want to allow complete strangers with no pre-qualification and no history into your home? Safety concerns alone should be a reason to list with an agent.

5. You won’t have the forms, experience, and knowledge to protect yourself.

Do you really think an Office Supply type contract is going to help you in today’s tumultuous market?

How are you going to make sure a buyer can actually get to the closing table?

We have seen many sellers get their home under contract, waited 60 plus days for the buyer (who also doesn’t know or understand the process) only to
find out they were not qualified from the beginning.

So those are reason’s a Seller should use an agent to represent their interest. So in our next post, we are going to share about it from the buyer’s side. Looking for a great agent to represent you in the sale of your home? Call Mark Lackey at 404.886.8789 today for your free evaluation!

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