Problems with Appraisals and the HVCC

“We just won’t sell my home for that amount; it would be giving it away.”

That is what the sellers says when the appraisal come in lower than the agreed upon contract selling price.  We have a willing buyer and willing seller but the appraiser holds down home values and won’t let the transaction go forward at the contract price.  How are we ever going to get out of this economic mess if this continues to occur?  How can home building start back with this narrow minded thinking?

As an example, a half completed development was selling in the low $200s. The builder can’t pay his loan payment and looses all the remaining 12 homes to foreclosure.  The bank takes over and does a fire sale to dump them quickly.  The same home, same builder is selling 2 miles away in the $180s in the depressed market.

So what does the bank do, they unload them in the $140s to sell quickly, and quickly they sell-  all under contract in a matter of days.  It makes sense, a lot of supply lowers price.  Then comes my seller and he is the only one for sale in the same complex as the bank sales were in.

Now the supply is down to one home and a buyer writes an offer in the $150s.  So what does the appraiser do, well he continues to hold down prices by appraising our listing at the average price of the fire sale that took place. He forgets the supply is now limited and demand is up.

If it were cars in demand and short supply the dealer marks them up over the manufacturers recommended price.  Collectables go up in value when the supply is small and down when the supply is large.  It’s basic Economics 101.

So we have a chance to start to have home values increase when the willing buyer and willing seller agreed on a price, but the appraiser holds values down.  If this trend continues we will never have a rising market and home values will never change unless someone wants another fire sale and they go down.

How can we get the government to stop the regulation that is stifling the home market recovery?  Here is the coming dilemma we are going to have to deal with.  At some point there will be a shortage of homes for sale, in the next few years.

When we suddenly find that we haven’t built enough homes to meet demand and a builder goes into that community to build new homes he will have second thoughts.  The cost to acquire the land and build the same home as there now is in the $180s to $190s, but an appraiser will tell him he can’t sell for more than the $140s.  Who will build with a planned $40,000 to $50,000 loss?

The builder will just walk away and not build.  So then when demand is screaming for more homes inventory to buy, will the values go up to the $190s over night.

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