Moving In With Your Partner- Top Tips

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So, you have decided to take the plunge and move in with your partner- congratulations! But the fun really starts now- get ready for some serious tussling over who gets the wardrobe and who gets stuck with the chest of drawers. Combining your belongings with someone else is never an easy task, and it is not always the man who has to suffer the consequences- my husband had double the number of shoes as me when we first moved in together! Here are some tips for preparing to co-habit for the first time.

Make a list

Step one is for both of you to make a list of everything you want to bring to your new place. Then, you can sit down with your partner and compare them. This is one of the most important parts of the packing process, because it gives you a really good idea of what you need, and what you may end up doubling up on. For example, if you both already own a set of pots and pans, there is no need to bring the two. Making a list is also necessary for when you come to pack, because you are less likely to forget a crucial item in a last minute panic.

Make sacrifices

You may think your collection of cuddly toys is adorable, but your partner may not feel the same way. Do you really want to start your new life together by inflicting them on him? So take another look at that list, and start to cross off things that are not really necessary. I can guarantee that by the time you have combined your items and started buying new ones as a couple, you will not miss your old collection of toy cars or vintage magazines. Try not to throw anything away if you can help it- either give to a charity shop or a recycling bank.

Do a car boot sale

It is inevitable that you will both have items that you want to get rid of, and doing a joint car boot sale is a great way to do this as well, as earn some extra cash. Car boot sale stands can often look a little bare if you do them alone, but by doing one as a team you can combine the profits and put it towards the cost of moving- which can end up being steep. Any items that don’t sell you can give away to friends, family or your local charity shop.

Pack carefully

Now you have established exactly what items you want to take to your new place, it is time to pack up! Friends and family will always have old boxes lying around for you to take advantage of, but if you find it difficult to scrape enough together take a look online and invest in some cardboard packing boxes. These can be reused again and again, and even come in specific shapes and sizes for certain items. When packing, remember to label each moving box clearly with a black market pen, because this will make it a lot easier to unpack when you make your way over the threshold.

So, now you have read the top tips to moving in with your partner, don’t forget the most important point- a bottle of celebratory champagne to crack open at the end of a long day!

Chloe is working on her own novel, but also spends time writing articles and blog posts. Chloe is interested in health and safety, but also enjoys hiking.

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