Moving On Up – Guidelines for Packing Up When You Sell Your Home

Your hard work has paid off in getting your home sold and now comes the physical aspect of preparing for the big move.  In order to prepare yourself, it is important to follow a detailed checklist:

Get plenty of boxes, marking pens, bubble wrap, newspaper, tissue and packing tape.  Consider also packing fragile items with bedding or stuffed toys, which can hold items snuggly in place.

  • Label each box with which room it belongs, but keep all valuables with you.
  • Complete a change of address form online with the post office (, the IRS, your banks and any credit card companies.  Make sure to switch magazine subscriptions, as well.  
  • Let the utility companies (phone, water, gas, electric) know of your move two weeks prior to leaving.
  • Double check closets, cabinets and storage areas for anything you may have left behind on moving day.
  • Pack all medications with you.
  • Make travel provisions for pets and infants.
  • If you are using a moving company, make sure you shop around and get referrals first.  Then, make sure the rate and estimated hours are written in your contract (specify that the movers are not to overrun more than 10 percent, should extra time be needed).  Also, examine all items before signing any receipts and it is advisable to document electronics and other valuables prior to moving day.

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