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Did you know that on the average, 56 percent of your energy bill goes toward heating and cooling your home?  According to the Department of Energy a well-maintained unit will run more efficiently and help save on energy bills.

If you have your HVAC unit service twice a year, once before winter and once before summer and follow the following five tips, you can extend the life of your unit.

  • Change your filters.  Changing your filters regularly will reduce the energy required to run the unit efficient.  It will also keep the air cleaner and dry/clogged filters restrict airflow and cause your compressor to work harder, which in turn increases your energy costs.
  • Weatherize.  Leaky duct work can account for as much as 30 percent of total heating and cooling costs.  Make sure your installation meets the new energy efficiency standards.  This will keep your unit from working harder to maintain comfortable temperatures.    Seal ducts with mastic, a pasty material used as a protective coating or bus bar connections, general splice insulation and moisture seal.  Make sure elbows, ductwork joints and boots are all weatherized.
  • Check your airflow.  Keep the outdoor unit free of leaves, shrubs, grass, snow or anything that might restrict airflow.  By allowing proper airflow to indoor supply and return vents and your outdoor unit.  At least six feet of space above and two to three feet of space around the outdoor unit is required.
  • Leave it to the Professionals.  For routine maintenance on your HVAC unit, make sure you hire a trained heating and air conditioning professional.
  • Get an HVAC Tune Up & Inspection.  Make sure that you get yearly evaluation of your HVAC unit once in the early spring and again in the early fall.

This information was adapted from the Jemco News November 2010.

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