Making the Most of the Kitchen Space You Have

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“A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

You’ve likely heard this expression before, but have you thought about what it means to you and your home’s storage needs? When it comes to your home, you know that clutter can add up awfully quickly if you don’t stay on top of it. One of the biggest concerns is whether or not a new place will hold all the stuff you have. Here are some kitchen space saver tips to make.

There are many things you can do however to make your task of finding room for all your knickknacks much easier.

Prioritize what you use the most

The more often you use something, the easier it should be to get to. Prioritize what you use the most and tailor your kitchen setup according to those needs. Clearly your utensils, plates, glasses, pots and pans will likely be something you use just about every day. But what about that rice cooker? Or the crockpot? Find a good out of the way place (doesn’t even have to be in your kitchen) where you can still reach these items for when you might eventually need them.

Your tools in the kitchen is what will make your cooking experience work. Don’t sabotage yourself by keeping things you don’t use more than once a month inside your kitchen’s cabinet storage. When in doubt, keep your organization flexible. Maybe that olive oil doesn’t exactly fit in with the rest of your spices, but if it fits better within that cabinet, then by all means, maximize the space you have.

Tailor your storage according to your needs

Don’t waste your valuable space! Small items like spatulas or other kitchen utensils are perfect for those little cubbyholes you have, and slender items can be stacked within the cupboard so that you aren’t wasting valuable real estate on your countertops. Don’t store your cereal on the kitchen counters, but rather, try and find storage containers that are designed for keeping your cereal fresh. The added bonus to having that perfect bowl every morning is that these containers are often designed to work with each other and help you save space.

Maximizing the space you have

Think about your cabinet and the amount of counter space you have available. Try and come up with a workflow that matches your cooking habits. If you’re right handed, keep the items you use the most on the right handed side of the stove (spices, spatulas, etc.), and the lower priority things on the left.

When figuring out the best configuration for your kitchen, a good plan can help you eliminate wasted motions. Looking at a cabinet and deciding that would be the perfect place for your plates isn’t always the best solution. Think about what you own and where it needs to go to be best utilized. Think carefully about how that will impact your moving around the kitchen instead of just designating a particular cabinet as the place where your mixer will go.

Designate zones of control

Deciding where things should go is a lot easier once you know what you’re going to do with each piece of workspace you have in your kitchen.

Clean up station: The perfect place for a cleanup station would be close to your dishwasher/kitchen sink. This would also be the ideal location for where you store your everyday items, such as glassware, utensils and plates.

Prep Zone: This is where you’ll want a clear open space with plenty of room. You’ll want to have enough room for you to be able to chop veggies and prep your meals. It’s also the ideal location for your cutting boards, knives and other specialized utensils like graters, peelers and measuring cups/spoons.

Cooking Area: Depending on the size of your kitchen, this area might share real estate with your prep zone. You’ll want to keep your baking items like flour, sugar and spices nearby. Ingredients should be close at hand and easy to access.

Food Storage: The real reason you come to your kitchen every night at midnight, food storage. Generally, there is a large cupboard, or series of shelves that lend themselves perfectly to storing your dry goods. If you keep your pantry and fridge close together, it’s much easier to gather ingredients together for your meals so you don’t have to constantly go back and forth within the kitchen to make a simple recipe. Depending on your layout, it may not be feasible to keep things near each other, so create a system that works naturally with the rest of your kitchen storage and set up.

With a little work and planning, you too can have the perfect kitchen setup, so that you aren’t constantly crying out to your significant other “Where do we keep the spaghetti strainer??”


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