How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

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Thinking about listing your home for sale? Well there are some factors you have to consider before you put your home on the market. If your décor style is early desperation and you can’t remember the original color of the carpeting, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and blackmail someone into getting your home ready to sell. 

When a buyer walks into your home they want to imagine their belongings in the home.  So, first thing to do, get rid of the clutter. If a buyer walks in and cannot see how they can live in the home because there is so much stuff all around you may have already lost a buyer.. Focus on the areas that need the most organizing.  Put up those knickknacks that you have dust collecting on. Not everyone wants to see where you have vacationed for the last 5 years. Too many personal items can make the buyer seem like they are invading your space.

Make a checklist of each room and what can be done to make it more appealing. Those things that you knew needed to be fixed, fix them.  Look at the floors, that you have ignored having cleaned, hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean all the carpets. Fresh paint will always make a home seem new and that you took the time to take care of those spots and smudges.

Have your home professionally inspected for termites. Once that is done discard any evidence of having them in the home.  Once the inspection is completed, make sure you obtain a certificate of removal and have that ready for the prospective buyers. That will give them the peace of mind that the home is free of any pests.

It is worth the money to have the home professionally cleaned and deodorized, especially if you have pets. Avoid just surface cleaning, clean fixtures, moldings, baseboards, behind appliances. And lastly consider replacing cabinet pull or door handles that are damaged or dated. While replacing these fixtures can be a cheap fix, the replacements will keep your house looking current and well cared for.

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