How to Live With Less When Downsizing Your Home

Due to the current economic climate as well as lifestyle changes made at various times in our lives, at some point, we will choose to downsize.  There are many challenges of downsizing especially when it comes to paring down decades of acquired furnishings.  The following is advice for living with less:

  1. Start with the small stuff. When displaying your collectibles, just pick a few favorites, then box everything else up.  All the wedding china doesn’t need to be displayed and back off the number of picture frames.  Do you really need kindergarten photos of your 40-year old son on the mantel?
  2. Throw out old decorating ideas.  Who says you can’t use your living room lamps in your bedroom?  Be flexible.
  3. Get outside help.  When dividing up furnishings among grown children, sometimes it’s helpful to hire an outsider to be a mediator.  Similarly, there are companies that hold estate sales or arrange for donation of unwanted items.
  4. Streamline holiday decorating.  Go through seasonal decorations and keep only the handmade or truly distinctive items.  Give away all the department store Santas, balls, and garlands.
  5. Enjoy knowing your donations will be used by someone else.  Donate your excess of furnishings to a worthy cause – a women’s shelter, etc.  Sometimes, giving away things leads to a larger purpose.

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