How To Evaluate And Choose A REALTOR

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When selling a home, there is nothing more valuable than choosing the correct REALTOR(r) to help you. Well, selecting the best one with the right qualifications is the first step. So, as a prerequisite to hiring a REALTOR(r) for your home make sure they are licensed by the state in which you reside. You can usually find this information on there the state REALTOR(r) board website of your qualifying state. Each license that is granted comes with a minimum of certain qualifications in education that must be met on an ongoing basis.
Using an agent and the obligations what they can do for you.

There are many legal obligations that are owed to you when a REALTOR(r) you hire has chosen to work with you.
Some of the common laws are the following:

  • Put the clients interest above your own.
  • Keep client information confidential
  • Obey lawful instruction.
  • Account to all money owed or due

The difference between a buyer’s and a seller’s broker
If, you are in the process of submitting a deal to purchase a property that you want and make an offer for x amount of dollars. But, you tell the REALTOR(r) that you are willing to go to x amount of dollars above. If the REALTOR(r) is the sellers, then they have an obligation to tell the seller that you are willing to pay above the initial asking price by x amount of dollars. In most states, the seller’s real estate agent is not bound by any confidentiality laws as they are with your own REALTOR(r). So, hiring your own REALTOR(r) is a must for you to get the best deal and the ability to negotiate properly.

How to evaluate an agent
In evaluating an agent to work with you want to be able to convey some pertinent information about them as to whether or not, they are up to your standards as well as the state standards.

Ask some very specific questions to yourself and find the answers

  • Is the agent an active real estate agent?
  • Is their realtor license. In good standing?
  • Does the agent belong to multiple MLS systems or online home buyers search?
  • Are they a full time real estate agent?
  • What designations does the realtor hold?
  • Which party does the REALTOR(r) represent the buyer or seller?

The more questions you ask the better your chances of finding a valuable agent to work with you in selling or buying property.

Jon Engle writes for the California Apartments Blog providing helpful tips on home buying as well as apartment living tips. He recommends reviewing or a national home finder tool when looking for a new home.

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