How to Deal with Home Selling Challenges – Inherited or Developed

When I meet with a homeowner that is considering selling, what real estate agents call a listing appointment, it is important to understand any challenges that there may be to selling their home. Some you can plan for, Inherited and some you have to react to, Developed.

The Inherited challenges are like what has been so common lately, falling behind in payments and headed for foreclosure as well as needing to sell as the result of a divorce. This situation is brought about by job loss, illness or other negative event in their life. They didn’t choose the situation but are affected by the events.

Everyday I speak to a homeowner that needs to sell because they are behind in payments and they owe more that the home will sell for. These folks are ideal candidates for a short sale, and preparing them for the process is something I am trained for and can do quite effectively.

Developed challenges are like what happened just recently where the appraisal came in slightly below the offer price. In this case you react by getting the parties to agree on the lower sale price. Sometimes easier said than done, but with preplanning and writing the proper contract upfront I develop a scenario to deal with the chance of that happening.

Proper planning helps eliminate or lessen the impact of the types of challenges that develop as the sales transaction is in process. I see numerous questions posted on the public real estate sites where a buyer or seller has had an issue develop and don’t know how to deal with it.

That is where hiring a great agent would have eliminated a lot of the questions and the grief that come along with it. Proper contracts, negotiating and planning out of the transaction came make the sale or purchase a dream, not the nightmare some folks encounter. If I can help guide you through the confusion of selling a home please contact me at

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