How To Choose The Right Moving Services For Your Move

If you’re about to change addresses, you’re probably experiencing a degree of stress about moving. After all, there are so many things to think about, not the least of which is choosing which moving service will be entrusted with moving the contents of your home.

The Starting Point for finding a removalist is a matter of looking online.

  • If you are moving close by, look for removalist companies in your area
  • If moving a considerable distance away, or even interstate, there are plenty of ‘comparison sites’ online, where you can get a number of basic quotes
  • Smaller, one-man-operation companies may seem to be cheaper initially, but costs could end up inflated if they take longer to do the job, and some of your goods could end up broken
  • A reputable, nationally accredited moving service will often include full insurance, but be sure to check. We discuss more on insurance later in this article


To get an accurate quote, in all cases, you’ll be required to enter as much information as possible about your move. Obviously costs will differ depending on the amount of furniture to be moved, and how much you are prepared to do yourself. For example, removalists will charge more depending on the number of large heavy items like fridges, washers, wardrobes, couches and cabinets.

  • Make sure you accurately list as many items as you can’t go from room to room, and the garage and make an inventory of everything you expect to include. Omitting items could result in extra (unexpected) charges on the day.
  • If you have unusually large, valuable items like a grand piano, you may need to employ the services of a dedicated piano removalist.
  • Be sure to disclose if your property is difficult to access, or if there are tricky staircases to negotiate
  • Make sure your quote is in writing


Some companies base the fees of their moving services on an hourly rate and others quote on the job as a whole. Find out if the company includes a ‘back to base’ charge in its hourly fee, which is returning the truck to its base location. Based on your budget, time frame and level of trust, basic removalist options are:

• AN ALL INCLUSIVE SERVICE is the most expensive way to move. However, it could mean a virtually stress-free process because you leave everything to the movers. They will professionally do all the packing, including boxes and all furniture items, and unload at the other end. Choosing this type of moving service means your belongings are also covered by insurance.

• A PARTIAL SERVICE is less expensive, but can be more time consuming. It means that you pack all the boxes and smaller items yourself, leaving the larger items for the movers. Many people do opt for this service because it means they can transport a good proportion of items themselves, thereby saving on hourly costs and manpower.

• DOING IT YOURSELF is potentially the cheapest option, but involves all the packing, heavy lifting, transportation and unloading without professional help. Removal truck hire is relatively inexpensive, although the larger the truck, the more cost involved – and you may need a different class licence to drive it.

If you’re downsizing from a large home to a smaller one, or a flat, many moving services offer furniture storage and general storage rental. If you do choose storage as an option, you may also find that the company will include a discount or a package deal on your move.

In Australia, law does not require that removalists carry insurance on your individual belongings, although they are covered in the event that the truck rolls, or catches on fire in transit.
It is your responsibility to take out insurance on your possessions. Check with your home and contents insurer, as removal insurance may be included in your policy. Alternatively, you’d be well advised to do a search online and take out a removals insurance policy.

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