How Social Media Use May Severely Impact Your Real Estate Purchase

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You and your significant other decide it is time to find that perfect starter home.  You spend a few weekends with your favorite REALTOR® and you find the home of your dreams.  Immediately, you want to share your excitement with friends and family and start posting information online by Tweeting or updating your Facebook status.

BEWARE – perhaps your 535 closest friends aren’t the only ones looking at your Facebook page.  It is fine to post general information on the property, to share your excitement, or even to gather knowledge and/or advice, but be careful not to divulge too much information such as financial details (price, negotiations, mortgage info, etc.) as the Listing Agent or Seller may also be looking at your page.  The status letting everyone know you will do anything to purchase this property lets the Seller know just how motivated you are to purchase their property and may severely compromise your negotiating position.  One couple even posted how much they would be willing to pay to secure the contract. 

So, spread your joy, just be mindful of who may be reading it.  (Of course, we all know this advice does not just relate to the world of real estate.) 

If you are interested in purchasing a home in Gwinnett, Cobb, Forsyth, or North Fulton, please contact Atlanta Housing Source and ask for Mark Lackey (404-886-8789).  His team of professionals are available to assist your with your buying or selling needs.

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