How Much Does Atlanta Spend on Their Pets? Survey Says……

Let’s face it…. folks in Atlanta are petaholics!  We build parks for pups, buy organic for kittens, and cry when we can’t help them all.  The following were spending questions put out to Atlanta readers of Atlanta Pets! magazine this winter.  Where do you fall in these categories when providing for your loved companions?

Have you adopted from a shelter or rescue group?  62% say Yes

In the past 12 months, how much have you spent on toys and treats?

            Less than $50:  15%

            $50-$199:  40%

            $200-$499:  31%

            $500-$999:  9%

            $1000 or more:  5%

 How much have you spent on vet care in the past year?

            Less than $50:  2%

            $50-$199:  10%

            $200-$499:  31%

            $500-$999: 27%

            $1000 or more:  30%

 What is the most you’ve ever spent on your pet for one ailment or condition?

            Less than $1000:  45%

            $1000 – $4999:  42%

            $5000 – $9999:  10%

            $10,000 – $19,999: 2%

            $20,000 or more:  1%

 How has the recession affected how much you spend on your pet(s)?

            It hasn’t – I spend the same or more:  66%

            I buy a lower-grade food:  2%

            I buy fewer toys or treats:  23%

            I try to find friends to pet-sit instead of using a kennel:  12%

            I groom my pet myself:  13%

            Other:  5%

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