House Moving Scams You Should Be Aware Of

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House moving? Do you find it hard to find the right agency to hire? Or are you too hesitant to hire one? Housemoving is very stressful, and while many people do not hire professional movers, there are many others who opt to stir away from the fuss and hire one anyway. However, hiring a professional mover can be quite tricky, especially for first-time movers. With the world ever changing today, there are many house moving scams that are everywhere. You should be aware of the common house moving scams, so that you will also be able to avoid them.

1. All It Takes.

When a mover doesn’t insist on an on-site inspection of your household goods, there is a high possibility that the mover is giving you a sight-unseen estimate which are most of the time are usually too good to be true. Most homeowners have considerably more belongings than they think they do, because of all the other stuff which they have kept hidden in their cabinets, and this means that good estimators aren’t looking at specific items as much as guesstimating their bulk and weight. Remember that the quote for your moving are based not only on mileage, but also on the weight and the amount of room your stuff will be occupying in the mover’s truck.

2. Deposit first!

A reputable movers will NEVER demand cash or any large deposit from you, prior to moving. The general rule for them is that you upon delivery of the service. If you pay up front, you will have no control over when you’ll see your belongings again. When you do pay, use a credit card instead because it will help you fight any fraudulent activity. When the mover demands that you pay first, sit down and think again before agreeing. You may also opt to call transportation agencies to make sure that the mover is registered prior to giving them your bank details.

3. Extra! Extra!

If you live in a two-story house or is planning to move to one, chances are that the “professional mover” might charge you an extra price. Moving to or from a high rise apartment? Same thing. Your new home is located somewhere a van might not easily squeeze through? Expect surcharges again. These are legal, but, take note that you should have been aware of this prior to moving.  There are instances when these “scammers” will surprise you with extra costs which you have to be fully aware of.

4. It is what it is.

The federal law requires one of two kinds of moving contracts. There is a non-binding estimate which means that the company cannot require payment of more than 10 percent above the original estimate which is due within 30 days of delivery. A binding estimate, on the other hand, is supposed to be a “guaranteed price” for the move and all extras and services. Make sure that when you sign the contract, you read carefully especially the “it is what it is” quote in which you won’t be charged extra for all the things in between.

5. Please leave it blank.

Do not ever sign a blank contract! This is a very common sign of scam. Get absolutely everything in writing. Your estimate, all extra fees, your pickup and delivery dates should all be in writing. Remember to read your contract from top to bottom and make sure that all your belongings are listed. Never settle with a box that’s just labeled as “Office supplies”. Remember that you can’t file a claim for something that doesn’t appear on the inventory list. Make sure that you read and understand everything.

Don’t be fooled. House moving is definitely not easy, and a scam will only make it worse. Prevention is still the key. Be wise but also keep your head still.

John is a freelance blogger who blogs for a living. He recently had to move house and went through lot of trouble getting help in moving. Later he found about interstate removalists website which helps you get quote from various removals company in australia.

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