Homes for Sale in Johns Creek GA

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Homes for Sale in Johns Creek GAInterested in homes for sale in Johns Creek GA? And, why not! Johns Creek is without doubt one of the best suburban cities in Metro Atlanta to live in. You’ve got easy access to employment, tons of great shopping, beautiful neighborhoods and subdivisions, and great access to nature. Johns Creek consistently scores high on national quality of life indexes and rankings of Georgia cities. So, what’s so great about Johns Creek? Let’s take a look and see.

Quality of Life

Here’s what Johns Creek’s mayor, Mike Bodker, has to say about this great suburban Atlanta city: “This just shows what our residents have always known –Johns Creek is a great place to live. We have so many positives that we know about – good housing, great schools, a great community, and it’s nice to see those attributes recognized by someone outside the City.” In addition, the national consumer directory, Relocate America, includes Johns Creek in “America’s Top 25 Places to Live and Go to School”.

With a population of about 76,000, historic Johns Creeks lies along the bed of the Chattahoochee River. Your average Johns Creek resident is white collar and professional. Low crime, excellent schools, and a great quality of life are a hall mark of Johns Creek, and some of the reasons families desire to live here.

Johns Creek Real Estate

There are some excellent values in real estate in Johns Creek. Some of the best known are The Falls of Autry Mill, St. Ives Country Club, Double Gate, and Seven Oaks. The Falls of Autry Mill and St.Ives are higher end country club subdivisions. Prices there run from about 600,000 to around 2 million. Of course you get all the amenities of living in a high-end golf, swim, and tennis community. Double Gate and Seven Oaks are not quite as expensive, but you still get a very nice price per square foot and plenty of neighborhood amenities, here, too.

All in all, these are just a few of the many great reasons to be considering homes for sale in Johns Creek Ga. Surely, there are others. Having a vibrant city like Atlanta just minutes down the expressway is certainly one major feature. If you’re looking for excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, plenty of things to do, and a warm feeling of home, then Johns Creek is a good possibility for you to consider as your next place of residence.

If you’re moving toAtlanta, or moving within Atlanta, finding out about homes for sale in Johns Creek GA should be at the top of your To Do list.

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