Get More Life From Your Appliances – Call Bob at Rape Appliance

Appliances use to be made to last. They were heavy and clunky.  They were a pain to move but kept on ticking.  Now days, appliances both big and small seem to be made to use until they break and then you throw them away and buy a newer model.

If you are like Anne and me, we hate to put stuff in the landfill so we try to repair rather than pitch.  We use to try to handle the repairs of the bigger items like microwaves, washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators ourselves.

Armed with the make and model number we would head to the local parts house for the part that seemed to be broken.  Many times we were wrong about which part it was and it took multiple trips to the parts house.

We soon learned that we should leave the repairs up to a professional. We tried the national named repair guy but soon found out they were too costly and the wait time to get someone dispatched was days. Then they would only schedule to be there in the am or the pm.

I couldn’t sit half a day missing work to wait in the national repair guy so we sought out a local guy we could trust.  We had to look no further that a guy in our church that had his own appliance repair business.  This guy took good care of us and of the homeowners we refer to him.

This guy is Bob Rape and his business is Rape Appliance.  Bob can be reached at 770-715-0735.  He is the fairest guy I know. If it shouldn’t be fixed and should be replaced he will tell you and you only get the service call charge.  He doesn’t gouge you and then tell you it cant be fixed.

Now that I’ve told you about him you may want to know he is a small business owner and may not serve every crook and corner of Metro Atlanta, but I suggest you call him before the national firms and see if he can help.  He is fair with his pricing and the service is always great. Tell him Mark sent you.

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  1. Any idea what happened to Bob? I’ve used him in the past, but his numbers and web site seem to be disconnected. It’s a shame – what a great guy.

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