For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Checklist Questionnaire

  1. Do you have experience in writing a Purchase Contract on a residential mortgage sale?
  2. Have you selected an escrow company, title company or attorney to serve as the 3rd neutral party in your transaction?
  3. Have you considered what time contingencies you will provide the potential buyer for:
    1. Loan Approval
    2. Home Inspection
    3. Termite Inspection
  4. Do you have a system in place to ensure that you are entertaining offers only from qualified buyers?
  5. Have you done a cost market analysis to ensure that the home you intend to sell is priced properly and will be appraised accordingly when the application for funding goes to a lender?
  6. Have you considered how you intend to market the property to ensure that any interested buyer is aware of the amenities?
    1. Will you be using a call-capture 800 service?
    2. Do you have a means for creating a listing brochure?
  7. Have you had your own credit report run in preparation for the pre-qualification and purchase of your next home?
  8. Have you looked at a property yet for your next purchase?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, then my For Sale By Owner Package is exactly what you need to assist you!  Call Mark Lackey with Atlanta Housing Source today at 404-886-8789 to assist you with your home selling and/or buying needs.  He has a team of Realtor® professionals in the Gwinnett, Cobb, Fulton, North Forsyth, DeKalb and Henry areas.

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