Designed for the Active Retirement

Retiring comfortably is the goal of every single American. Our golden years are there so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and remain engaged with the community at large. Comfortable living during retirement often used to mean retiring to a place where you couldn’t be sure of the quality of life or service. That’s why the need for

Fortunately, your options for where you can live during your retirement have never been better. The reality of an aging population and oncoming demographic shift as the Baby Boomers begin to retire has forced many retirement communities to retool their communities into a place that people feel comfortable calling their home.

Atlanta is on the forefront of this shift and the demand for excellent housing for seniors has already begun. The Atlanta Regional Commission began designing Life Long Communities (LLC) – places where older adult seniors can find a high quality of life, independence and access to good transportation. Over the next twenty years, Atlanta’s aging population (those people over 65) will more than double, and integrating senior’s needs into the community is crucial to meet Atlanta’s changing population needs.

Life Long Communities are designed with three major goals in mind:

Promoting housing and easy transportation access and options

Encourage residents to engage in a healthy lifestyle

Expand information and access to crucial services for all residents

The new housing units are designed specifically for people to live for many years with an aging adult’s needs in mind. Each home is designed by having the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and entertainment areas to be located on the first floor, as well as have specific instructions on where entrances can be placed, and the size of the doorways large enough to accommodate a clear passage of at least 32 inches. Other standards call for having at least one no-step entrance into the dwelling.

All things are taken into consideration with Life Long Communities including in-home care, and the ability to help evaluate your needs and conduct an in-home evaluation.

Finally, faith based options are also important to those seniors living in ARC designed Life Long Communities. Many people often have concerns that where they live won’t have sufficient spiritual options for them to explore.


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