Decorating Your Home For Christmas

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Christmas is many people’s favourite time of year, and decorating the house for the occasion is one of the most exciting- if slightly time consuming- tasks! If you have small children then it is particularly fulfilling getting your home looking festive, because seeing a room filled with Christmas decorations, trees and fairy lights really adds to their excitement. However, having a plan in place for decorating can make the process an awful lot quicker and more organised, so follow these simple tips when getting your home ready for December.

Choose a colour scheme

Many people like to choose a colour scheme for their Christmas decorations to complement their existing interior decor. There are a variety of different Christmas themes to consider, including the ever popular white, silver and icy blue. By sticking to frosty colours like these you can create your own white Christmas indoors, even if there is no snow on the ground outside! But remember, less is often more when it comes to a colour scheme- two or three harmonizing hues will look more sophisticated than a rainbow.

Decorate your Christmas tree

Once you have decided on your colour scheme you can go shopping for a Christmas tree. Some families like to buy a different tree every year, but people who are looking for a less time consuming option could consider Christmas tree hire– renting a Christmas tree means that you do not have to worry about delivery, installing or dismantling. Once you have picked your perfect tree (ideally with symmetrical branches), you can start the decorating process. Begin with the lights, and then add the tinsel, ornaments and finally the angel at the top. Or, if you prefer to leave the task to someone else, rent a Christmas tree that has already been decorated.

Put up your cards

Writing Christmas cards is a laborious task, but it makes it worthwhile when you start receiving them in the post yourself. One way of making your house look festive is to hang up a long piece of ribbon around the room and pin all your Christmas cards to it. Not only will this allow you to display your Christmas wishes in style, but it will also free up space on the mantelpiece and sideboard which would otherwise be overflowing with cards!

Light up your life

No house would be complete without Christmas lights, not just on the tree but also dotted around your home. There are so many different lights to choose from, but for a more sophisticated festive look you should select a set with small bulbs and white or silver lights- large and brightly coloured bulbs can sometimes look garish. Of course, if you really want to dress the house to impress, look for Starburst lights which include a cluster of warm LEDs formed into a bright explosion. These are ideal not just for the exterior of your home, but also as a statement piece in the hallway or in the living room.

Finishing touches

The finishing touches are what really make a home ready for Christmas, and these include things like Christmas wreaths, poinsettias, Christmas stockings and of course the ubiquitous mistletoe. Take a look in some interior design magazines for inspiration, and don’t forget to arrange the presents under the tree for the final flourish.

Chloe is an English Literature graduate with a love for words, and finds this a useful skill to have when writing about different things. She also enjoys keeping fit by going on runs and dancing in her free time.

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