Checklist For Moving Your Home To A New Location

When it is time to move, it is time for decisions. The choices you make when planning a move will determine how your family handles the stress of moving. Properly planned your move can be an exciting adventure or it can be a depressing disaster.

The first thing you do is to make contact with a removals company for their ideas and suggestions for help in preparing for your move. They may want to come do a survey, which you should gratefully welcome. This allows their moving professionals to see what is involved and what will be needed. The things needed for preparation are considerably different if you are moving to another country or just down the lane to the next village. You can search for removals companies in your area online. For example if you lived in Cambridge you can search for Cambridge Removals.

Make sure you involve everyone in the family in the process of preparation for the move. Let the children inventory their things and identify things they would like to give away to charity. Things are worn out and used, may not be wanted anymore by your family but they may be wonderful things for a family in need. The bottom line is that what you move should only be items you expect to need at your new home.

Before any packing is done, make sure you take a written inventory of everything in the house. The best way to start is to make a video or take photographs of everything that will come on the move. This provides you with proof of items involved in the relocation. This type of data is necessary and probably required by your insurance company if a claim needs to be filed.

Check several times to be sure dangerous items are not transported with your personal items. No chemical agents, fuels or batteries should be packed away with any of your goods. Your removals agent can give you a list of dangerous or banned substances that cannot accompany your household goods.

Make sure that items you take with you personally are safely put away. Somehow it seems that something always gets packed that you needed to take with you. Avoid this problem by selecting things to take, for each person in the family, and storing them safely away.

Any items you plan to put in storage should be moved to storage before the main day of moving. Making multiple moves to different locations in the same day is not an experience you should want to endure.

The more you plan the better your move will proceed. Have the children research about the new place you will live, and plan the trip to get there. Keeping everyone involved is the key, along with good planning, to a fantastic moving experience.

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