Looking for the Best HVAC Contractor in Atlanta?

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We are experiencing the more hot weather. Summer is almost finished, but the heat has not and this is the time of the year your air conditioning is going full blast. Well, what a disappointment some of us have when we turn the switch to a/c and nothing happens.

My wife Anne Lackey manages numerous rental homes and this is the time of year that the office phone rings on Friday afternoon when the tenant got home from work to find the air not cooling.

Usually they mention that they noticed it wasn’t cooling well a few days earlier but chose not to call. Now they are hot and can’t understand why someone cant get there immediately to fix the problem. They tell her its 80 or 85 degrees and they can’t stand it.

It makes me think back to time before air conditioning. We traveled on vacation to the beach at night because the car didn’t have air conditioning. We left at 2 or 3 am. Dad drove all night so we wouldn’t overheat.

In elementary and high school there was no air conditioning. During the break between classes we would run cool water from the bathroom faucet on our lower arms and splash water on our face and neck.

At our home we ran window fans, or in home like the one I have now that was built in the mid 80s, there was an attic fan. We would open windows top and bottom on opposite sides of the house to let the breeze blow in and cool us.

Now I hear that they can’t stand the heat. They can’t wait for the air to get fixed. Well, fortunately we know a great guy that owns a great heating and air company and I am glad to recommend them.

If need to have your system serviced so it will work, or if your heat or air stops working I suggest you call Andy at Seasons Comfort at 770-616-2494. They do great work at reasonable prices, and tell him Mark sent you.

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