Behind on Mortgage Payments?

What options are available to sellers who are behind or are soon going to be late with their mortgage payment? Is it still feasible to sell when a home owner is late? What if the market value is less than what you owe on your mortgage?  More and more homeowners are facing these issues.

To help answer these questions and more, we have a short video that talks about options for the homeowner to consider when faced with these situations. Certainly every homeowner has their own unique set of circumstances and Atlanta Housing Source can help. Email us at and type “Behind on Mortgage Payments Video” in the subject line.  Review the video and then contact us to assist you with real answers to this very difficult situation.  Call Mark Lackey at 404-886-8789 today.

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  1. This was novel. I wish I could read every post, but i have to go back to work now… But I’ll return.

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