A Few Of The Different Home Styles In The South

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Suitable for the warm, humid climate, homes in the South are spacious and airy with tall ceilings and big front porches. Many southern homes are built of wood. A wide, wrap-around porch offers shade from the heat of the day. Gabled or pitched roofs are typically medium or low in height and often have dormers. Southern home styles are characteristically similar to country house styles. The following are some of the most well know styles of southern comfort homes.

Plantation Style

Influenced by neoclassical and French Colonial architecture, plantation style homes are especially popular in the Carolinas. Inland cities like Raleigh, Charlotte and Columbia enjoy an abundance of these gorgeous homes, which are usually large and feature tall front porches with grand entrances, often supported by Greek columns. Plantation style kitchens were originally designed for the cooking staff, and are positioned in the back of the residence. Bedrooms are on the second story and often have French doors leading directly to balconies. While it’s not as common to see them built today, Plantation style homes are generally well-maintained and quite beautiful.

Low Country or Tidewater Style

Designed for a coastal climate, Low Country or Tidewater style homes are built today just as they were 100 years ago, except with modern materials. These homes are prevalent in seaside locations like Savannah, where tropical winds, rains and flooding are a concern. Modern building techniques help them to withstand extreme weather. The first floor of the home is elevated to protect against flooding. Cool breezes and natural sunlight stream in through an array of windows. The hub of the first floor is the kitchen, which is centrally located and connects the living room to the dining room. Crown moldings and handsome hardwood floors are often found throughout these homes. As a rule, the living room opens to a screened back porch, which is covered to keep out the sun.

Single Style

Popular in Charleston, Single Style homes fit nicely into city lots where acreage is at a premium. They are designed to make the most of small, narrow properties, whereas the Plantation and Low Country styles demand more space. To maximize surface area, the sides of Single Style homes face the street. A narrow floor plan means that every room spans the width of the home. Stunning architectural details, such as a stately fireplace, serve as the living room’s focal point. The upstairs bedrooms are sunny and airy, with ample windows and doors to circulate the harbor breezes. Single Style homes ordinarily feature second-story balconies or verandas.


The South is well-known for its beautiful, gracious homes that have stood the test of time. While other styles exist, of course — and a custom builder can build any type of house — these are three standard styles that prevail from the inland regions to the coastal areas. While these architectural designs are popular, consult with your real estate agent or builder to discuss which Southern home is right for you.

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