8 Ways To Sell Your Home Faster For More

We all want to sell our homes as quickly as possible and make as much money when possible when doing so. Of course, there is a small element of luck, but most of the parts that make up a home sale are carefully planned and care is taken in sprucing up the home. So, what can you do to prep a home for house sale within a week – we take a look.


One of the things a lot of people find hardest when selling a home is disassociating them from the house. To make the most of a home sale you have to tell yourself ‘this is not my home’ and make the mental choice to let go of it. Say good bye and imagine yourself handing over the keys.

Personal Items

One of the best ways to do this is to pack up your personal items first. Get rid of those images of friends, family and other similar personal items You don’t want to be distracted from the home and you also want buyers to imagine what it would be like for them there. These pictures and heirlooms detract from this.


One of the amazing things you will find when you go to sell a home is the amount of clutter there is. If you have items that you don’t need, then now is the time to get rid of them and to throw them away. Pack up all those knickknacks and the things you won’t ever use again and get rid of them. It’s a head start on packing and also clears your home to a degree.


Buyers love to snoop and rightly so, they are buying the home. If they see you seem organised in most superficial ways, they will also believe you are underneath too and the home is in good condition. Tidy up cupboards, wardrobes and other items and turn your house into a regimented looking version of its usual self.


Taking the time to rent a storage unit to get rid of all the clutter that blocks up the home can be a great way to make your home seem more appealing. You should empty book cases, remove furniture that gets in the way and showcase the room at its best, by ridding the home of excess that gets in the way.


It’s the little things that sell the home and you can help create that great first impression with a little DIY. Fix cracks and holes in walls, as well as leaky faucets and by repairing other broken fittings. Replace burned out lights and just give the place a whole once over.


Clean homes sell, so make sure yours looks great. There are a number of things you can do to help and increase your chances. Wash windows inside and out, clean cobwebs and carpets, vacuum and clean dust and furniture and make sure the garden is cut. Essentially, anything you think can be cleaner or tidier – take care of it as it’s a necessity for a quick house sale.

Curb Appeal

This is the term for the first impression your home makes from the road and you should go outside and stand there and scrutinise this. Take a pen and paper and consider the things that could be improved. Do the windows need paint, are the plants yellow, are the bushes trimmed? Take a look at and consider all of these things and more and then take action. You want to create the best first impression and the curb appeal is essentially that.

Following these rules will ensure you can sell your home fast and move on with your life with the fewes possible problems.

Cormac Reynolds writes for a number of blogs on the subject of property and finance commonly and has done so for three years.

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