7 Tips To Make Your Home Sell Faster

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Home owners willing to sell want to be able to unload their current homes to move on to new property. However, in this housing climate, it’s tough to sell to eligible buyers when there is a surplus of homes available. To really make your home outshine the competition, there are some surefire tips and investments that can make your home sell faster in this climate. Here are 7 major tips to make your home a winner in this market.

1. Keep the Front Beautiful

Curb appeal is everything in this market. Eligible buyers can pick and choose in certain markets, so any sort of blemish or lacking investment with the front of the home can be a deal killer. Always have the lawn nicely mowed and all plants and bushes nicely trimmed. If the paint is chipping on the front side of the home or on the steps, re-paint immediately. If the walkway, steps, or door do not look appealing, invest quickly to remodel the area.

2. Add a Quality Security System

Unless the home already has one, one of the best investments to make in a house that can attract buyers is if a great security system has been installed. Home security systems give peace of mind to homeowners, especially new homeowners. Having a well-integrated, top-of-the-line security system installed throughout the property can really excite many buyers.

3. Take As Many Photos As Possible

Buyers will be visually affixed at your home when you shower any home listing with many, high quality photos. The photos should come from a high definition camera and the areas being photographed need to be pristine. But, saturating a listing with stunning photos can draw many buyers to want to explore more about your home.

4. Make The Home Move-In Ready

For many buyers, buying the home is great, but it becomes a hassle to invest in items like appliances. A homeowner selling may want to bring some of their appliances with them, but one variable that can really help sell a home is if it is move-in ready. That means having the existing or new appliances for the buyer. It may also mean having everything from the electrical to the plumbing updated.

5. Add Deals To The Home

Besides lowering the price, many homeowners and their agents employ strategies that attract buyers regarding credits or carried-over aspects of the home. For example, the homeowner could provide a 1-year home warranty to buyers so that all of the buyer’s appliances, furniture, and other items will be covered. Another common strategy is for the homeowner to pay some or all of the closing costs associated with the home. Many of these strategies should be fleshed out with your selling agent and, if they involved legal policies, your lawyer.

6. Be Realistic About Pricing

It is a buyer’s market today and housing prices are beginning to go up in appraised value. Because of this trend, sellers have to embark on a somewhat risky strategy: price the home lower than appraised value. For example, if the home is $475,000, then price it at $445,000. That is a remarkably risky move for some buyers, but the low price will attract a large amount of interested buyers. There is some hope that the low price attracts so many buyers that a bidding war occurs. However, if you do want to get rid of your home in this market, try to sell it as fast you can.

7. Utilize Proper Networking

Even if you have a seller’s agent, in today’s economy, any form of networking can really help sell a property. One of the best mediums to do that is online. Many housing websites are created so homeowners can place their sales on the websites. In addition, the use of social media has really helped make certain posts go viral. Using Twitter or Facebook with proper internet marketing techniques can really increase the visibility of your home for sale within larger networks. Other unique marketing techniques, like full ads in newspapers or the use of websites like Craigslist, can really help push homes toward eager buyers.


Many of the investments and strategies employed on this list may cost time and money to employ. However, these investments are wise additions to supplement the home’s value and ability to sell in the market. If you truly want to get the house out of your hands, you should make what investments you can so the house can be purchased quickly.

Jean Roberts has worked as a realtor for the past 5 years and loves sharing tips on how to sell a home faster and easier. For more tips, Jean recommends checking out investopedia.com.

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